When I'm not doing web stuff, I'll often still be on the computer mixing tunes. I've been DJing on and off since 2000. Back then I was really into hard/acid trance, NRG, hard house and acid techno. In more recent years, I moved away from those sounds and back towards more psy-influenced music which is what I was listening to mostly when I first got into dance music in the late ’90s.

You'll notice from the dates of the mixes below that I had a fairly long break between 2005 and 2010 during which work and kids kinda took over. During that time the 1200s, mixer, amp and speakers got packed away. They're still in storage and I won't be getting rid of them, but nowadays I do all my mixing with Traktor Pro, Numark Mixtrack Pro, my MacBook Pro and MP3s that I've bought mainly from Beatport or downloaded from Ektoplazm, as the setup takes up less space and it's also more portable.

I do a new mix every month or so it's worth checking back on a regular basis, or even better, you can subscribe to the feed to get updates whenever a new one is posted.