New mixes page

Today I made live a new design for the Mixes page. The Mixes page was actually the first on this site and existed before anything else was actually here (i.e. if you visited the home page it was just blank), and was also my first attempt at using all the new HTML5 structural tags, and also the first time I played around with some of the less commonly supported CSS3 modules like transitions and transforms.

Screenshot from the Isotope website

With the rest of the site launched with a different design, I felt I should probably bring the Mixes page in line with everything else, and so now it does with a bit of extra imagery and functionality thrown in. The new design takes the experimentation with CSS3 even further with multiple background-images, CSS columns, generated content, more transitions and transforms, and of course, media queries to modify the design depending on the width of your screen.

And on top of that, I'm also using the awesome Isotope for filtering and sorting of the mixes, and MediaElement for adding HTML5 audio to each mix so that they can be streamed rather than downloaded (if that's what you prefer to do).

I add new mixes to the page every 2-3 weeks so it's worth checking back frequently if you're into that sort of music, or subscribing to the feed.