New mix — Synchronized Lives

A lot of the tunes from this mix are from John 00 Fleming and Nick Sentience's new albums,Synchronized andNine Lives.

I don't collect much trance these days so this one's a mix of brand new tunes, some that are a few years old and some from the 90s, as well as a blend of sounds – there's some break beats, acid lines, psy, vocals, and techy bits.

A lot of the tunes (and the mix's title) come from new albums by two of my favourite producers and DJs, John 00 Fleming (Nine Lives) and Nick Sentience (Synchronized). I know some people don't like putting too many tracks from the one artist on a mix (or listening to one either) but I think the tracks are fairly diverse in their sound, and I don't really collect enough trance these days to be able to vary it up that much.

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. John 00 Fleming –Finding Ganesha [JOOF Recordings]
  2. Gaudium –High on Life [Iboga Trance]
  3. Terra Ferma Feat. I-Ching –Obelix (Terra Ferma remix) [Platipus Records]
  4. Lost Tribe –Gamemaster [Hooj Choons]
  5. John 00 Fleming –Fight the Darkness feat. Sascha Cooper [JOOF Recordings]
  6. Deniro –Mind of Man (Nicholas Bennison remix) [Hook Recordings]
  7. Gaudium –Searching [Iboga Trance]
  8. John 00 Fleming –Baphomets Horn [JOOF Recordings]
  9. Nick Sentience –Sakura
  10. Paul Trainer –Seize the Day [Captivating Sounds]
  11. John 00 Fleming –1440 Minutes [JOOF Recordings]
  12. Nick Sentience –Nine Moons
  13. Craig Gallon –1186 (Ben Gold remix) [Prehab Recordings]
  14. VCO –Tears of an Angel [Waxworxx]
  15. Quietman –Sleeper (Man With No Name remix) [Platipus Records]
  16. Terrafusion –Numen-Martis [JOOF Recordings]
  17. John 00 Fleming –Frisson JOOF Recordings]
  18. Freq –Trip [Private Grooves]
  19. Nick Sentience –Free Falling
  20. Vibrasphere –Autumn Lights (Jay Selway & Magnus remix) [JOOF Recordings]