New mix — Silent Majority

The 5th Chakra by Vishuddha andObsessive Reality by Psypheric contribute a good portion of the tracks on this mix.

Silent Majority is a py progressive mix featuring some new and older tracks, some genuine psychedelic moments as well as some crunchy, gritty stompers. The old tracks come from well-known German progressive producer, Klopfgeister's first album in 2005, Sweet Compromise

The newer tracks come a few different places including Obsessive Reality by Psypheric and The 5th Chakra by Vishuddha, but the standouts are the two tracks by Chilean producer Ovnimoon,Believe in the Change andSacred Earth.

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. TLG – Furion []
  2. Invisible Reality – Alice Dream (Haldolium remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
  3. Elegy – B.I.L.L. [Panzar Produktionz]
  4. Klopfgeister – The Day After [Cosmophilia]
  5. Elegy – Voices [Panzar Produktionz]
  6. SattelLight – Tribal Prayer
  7. SattelLight – Biometric Data
  8. Gaudium – When the Sun Rises [Iboga Trance]
  9. Space Element – Tempus Fugit []
  10. Klopfgeister – Are You Free? [Cosmophilia]
  11. Ovnimoon – Believe in the Change [Ovnimoon Records]
  12. Ovnimoon – Sacred Earth [Iono Music]
  13. Vishudda – All You Need Is Love [Panzar Productions]
  14. Vishudda – Smoking Hot [Panzar Productions]
  15. Psypheric – No Return [Pureuphoria Records]
  16. Psypheric – What Else Comming [Gliese 581C]
  17. Seismic Activity – Last Foray []
  18. Psypheric – Waiting 4 The Night [Gliese 581C]
  19. Pusherstreet – Acid Test [Panzar Produktionz]
  20. Psypheric – From the Minds Of [Gliese 581C]
  21. Vishudda – Life's Good [Panzar Productions]