New mix — Showtime!

Covers for the two stand-out tunes by Sinewave and Dickster.

Back with another psy trance mix, this being the last one from the backlog of tunes I'd been building up. So after a hiatus of six or seven months I'll be back out looking for new tunage again. :)

(Well, I have actually been buying a handful of new tunes during that time, but I've made a conscious effort to leave them in my downloads library until I was ready to start afresh.)

This mix is namedShowtime! because it is show time here in Brisbane at the moment for the Ekka. At just under two hours long, there's some real tangled psychedelic moments as well as a few darker tunes too than I normally play.

Stand-outs are probably either the Sinewave remix ofVURT by Zen Mechanics on Neurobiotic orGlader by Dickster on Wakyo.