New mix — November Rain

This mix features all three of the tracks fromWizard's Night by SETI Project.

No, not a tribute to Guns 'n' Roses, not only is this mix the second Goa Trance one I've done this year, it's also the second one whose name has been inspired by the weather, or more specifically, the lack of rain. November set a new record for lack of rain in Brisbane this year and the day I did the mix was coincidentally the same day we got some rain.

Unlike the last Goa Trance mix I did,Inner Peace, which featured tracks mostly from NeoGoa label, this mix is made up from tracks from a bunch of different labels although NeoGoa and PsyRussia feature heavily and I've used all three tracks from a single EP by SETI Project, Wizard's Night.

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. SETI Project – Insomniac [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  2. Artha – Mahabharta (Short Version) [Phototropic Records]
  3. Trinodia – Scientific Mechanism [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  4. SETI Project – Wizard's Night [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  5. Trinodia – Wars of the Gods [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  6. Ephedra – Acid Rain [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  7. Microcosm – Eternal Circle
  8. Astrancer – Blazar [Phototropic Records]
  9. Noble Savage – 7th Seal [Liquid Tune Records]
  10. SETI Project – Demons [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  11. SETI Project – Endorphin [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  12. Cyan – New Galaxy (Remix 2002) [Phototropic Records]
  13. Libra – Psychedellic Entertainment [PsyRussia]
  14. Qlipadelic Rythm – Sand Storm [PsyRussia]
  15. Microcosm – Ultimatum
  16. Pan Psychic – My God, It's Full of Stars (Remix 2007) [PsyRussia]
  17. Rabitza – Conscious [PsyRussia]
  18. Sky Technology – Back to the Future (Nova Fractal Remix) [Neogoa]
  19. Sky Technology vs Nova Fractal – Dark Energy (Versus Mix) [Neogoa]
  20. Noble Savage – Razzia [Liquid Tune Records]
  21. Amanians – Acida [Phototropic Records]
  22. Toï Doï – Worm Twist [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  23. Toï Doï – Oxigen [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  24. Noble Savage – 2012 [Liquid Tune Records]
  25. Javi – Wie Een Put Graaft Voor Een Ander Heeft Flink Gewerkt [Neogoa]
  26. Sulima – Back to Goa [PsyRussia]