New mix — Inner Peace

First post about music on this site and although it wasn't really planned that way, it's also about the first Goa trance mix I've done in about six years, Inner Peace. I don't really listen to this style of music much nowadays, but I have become a fan of Ektoplazm, which is probably the best source of free psychedelic trance music on the 'net, and as Ektoplazm releases psytrance in all it's different forms, every now and then it drops a Goa trance release with some decent tunes on it.

One of my favourite tracks on this mix,Is Pause No, by Blackstarrfinale comes from the Pantheon compilation.

Nearly all of these tunes are from the Neogoa net label (which will actually be closing down at the end of the year), with a fairly diverse array of artists. Although Goa trance is probably the first type of dance music I bought on CD way back in the early 90s, it's not my favourite type of trance music any more (although I still dust off some of the mixes I did every now and then), but it was a nice change to mix something a bit different.

Standout tracks for me are the two by BlackStarrFinale which have some nice 303 action going on. I love a good acid line and a lot of my favourite Goa tracks feature them and that's what's make these tunes so appealing too.