New mix — Dry July

A lot of the tunes for this mix come from theI Love You, Who are You? album by Ticon.

This month's mix, Dry July, is another Progressive mix, and features a lot of tunes from the album I Love You, Who are You? by Swedish duo Ticon. I've been a fan of Ticon for a while and really love this album, so have used all my favourite tunes from it on this mix andSolo which I did in April (which you can also find on the Mixes page).

The album is released by Iboga Records who I'm also a big fan of and there's a number of other tunes from the main label and their Trance offshoot label on this mix too. Anyone who has a few of my other Progressive/Psy Progressive mixes will maybe be aware that Iboga feature heavily in some of my tracklists. I keep telling myself I should broaden my horizons and check out more labels and artists other than Iboga, and I have been doing more of that lately, but when they put out so much great stuff, it's hard to go past. ;)

The title of this mix is not as you might think about abstaining from alcohol for a month (I'm not a heavy drinker anyway so wouldn't be giving up much even if I did participate), but rather because it's rather cold and dry in Brisbane at the moment, and also because work has been pretty quiet for a bit (although that looks like picking up again next week).

Although I'm not abstaining from drinking, I have been abstaining from buying new tunes for a while. I got to the point where I had quite a backlog of tunes I wanted to put into mixes so thought the best way to keep on top of it was to just stop collecting for a while. This will be the third last mix before that backlog is cleared and I'll be back to collecting again, although I hope to be a bit more selective in the future so that I only collect as many tunes as I can comfortably fit into new mixes. The next two to go will be a Psy Progressive and full-on Psy Trance mix, so stay tuned!