New mix — Bar Soma

Several tunes for this mix come from albums by E-Clip (Shuma), Inner State (Terraforma), and Theobroma (Thinking Like Dolphins).

This mix is named after Bar Soma in Fortitude Valley here in Brisbane, where I was on Sunday afternoon/evening for my first 'club' outing in years, to witness John 00 Fleming play a sensational four-hour set as part of his J00F Editions Nine Lives album tour of Australia (more on that below). I was about due to do another mix soon anyway, but after seeing/hearing John's set, I was feeling particularly amped to play some tunes.

I'd already worked out the tracklist a while ago and coincidentally it includes one of the tunes John played on Sunday, the Neelix remix ofGalaxy Traveler by Felguk. The mix also features several tunes from three albums: Shuma by E-Clip, Terraforma by Inner State, and Thinking Like Dolphins by Theobroma. I don't often buy whole albums, but these are three that I bought most of the tunes from (well, except for the Theobroma one which is a free download from Ektoplazm).

There's also a trio of tunes from Neelix, including a couple of freebies he posted about on Facebook a while back, and also from Ritmo, who I really got turned on to in a big way after he did the guest mix on John's Global Trance Groove podcast in March (see how it's all tieing in together? ;) One of the things I was reminded of having not been to any sort of events featuring dance music in a long time is how different some tunes can sound on a big rig compared to listening to them at home, andGalaxy Traveler is certainly one of those. It packs a real, meaty punch when played loud and really gets the crowd going. :)

In other mix news, my old DJing mate from London, Randall, has posted another guest mix of mine, this time a tribute to Jon Doe. It's the third one I've done for him in the last year, so probably time to give him a break from me. ;)

J00F Editions review

Nine Lives tour flyer

Like I said, I haven't been to any events featuring DJs or dance music for a long time. The last time would've been 2006 when I spent a good amount of time at the Tipi Forest at Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay, and the last time inside a club was New Year's Eve 2003! Not having any friends in Brisbane who are really into this sort of music anymore, and then having kids, and generally just getting older, makes it more difficult to get out. Well, at least, that's what I tell myself. ;)

So I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I headed down to The Valley on Sunday afternoon. I hadn't been to Bar Soma before either but it's a pretty cool, split level little place which has this outdoor courtyard area which I think is actually their loading zone where they'd set up the decks for the event. It has an angled floor which made for good viewing if you were up the back, but probably isn't ideal for dancing on. 

When I got there about 3:30pm, Scott Walker was on playing a fairly laid back, progressive-y sort of set that suited the time of day well. There were a couple of people dancing but most were just having a chat. Next up were mIDium & Cassowary who started pulling more people onto the dance floor but didn't really do it for me. They played a couple of tasty psy progressive tunes but their flow was a bit up and down.

John came on just after 5pm and the dance floor was pretty much packed by then, and he didn't mess around and launched straight into some nice, deep progressive trance. For the next four hours he had the whole place rocking to a blend of trance, progressive and psy trance, with remixes ofAge of Love by Manuel de la Mare,Galaxy TravelerHey Girl, Hey Boy by the Chemical Brothers, and the tune he played for his encore going down particularly well with the crowd.

I thought he went off the boil for about half an hour just after half way through starting with his remix of Faithless'Sun to Me, which I'm not a fan of. That and a few tunes that followed were just a bit too ‘synthy’ for my liking and lacked the pounding or energetic bouncy basslines that people seemed to be responding to the most. But that period didn't last long and he finished off in the same style as he started with, and had the crowd roaring for an encore which he gladly provided, and which was also followed by more raucous shouts and applause when he finally brought the sound down.

It was a pretty good turn-out and reaction for a Sunday evening I thought and John certainly knows how to get the most out of his audience, really working the crowd up with some epic, floaty, trancey breakdowns followed by big build-ups that got fists pumping and people jumping up and down.

Having been a fan of his for years, avidly following his podcast, and buying his tunes, I'd been wanting to make it to one of his gigs for a while, and I'm glad I finally did, and he certainly didn't disappoint. And now that I've finally broken the drought, I might see if I can get out a bit more frequently in the future.