Last mix of the year — Xmas 2011

Standout track on this mix is Ace Ventura's remix ofSubinya by Loud.

The last mix for this year is (somewhat predictably) another psy trance journey, and with 28 tracks and just a touch over two hours, is one of my longer efforts (hey, I've got a lot of tunes to choose from at the moment).

Standout track on this mix is Ace Ventura's remix ofSubinya by Loud. Ace has to be close to one of my favourite psy trance producers and this effort features a nice meat slab of 303 action towards the end. Other notable tracks coming from Chilean producer Ovnimoon (another favourite) and Paratech (appearing on Ovnimoon Records).

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. John 00 Fleming – Sym*bol*ism [JOOF Recordings]
  2. Nick Sentience – Stimuli
  3. Ovnimoon – Love is the Key [Ovnimoon Records]
  4. Loud – Subinya (Ace Ventura remix) [Nano Records]
  5. Allaby – Glade (Zen Mechanics remix) [Nano Records]
  6. Nick Sentience – Sub Atomic
  7. Magnus – Raven Rock [JOOF Recordings]
  8. Mantra Flow – Behind the Shadow [Panzar Produktionz]
  9. Unconscious Mind(s) – Dimension 13 (ReCreation remix) [Psychoactive Records]
  10. Dreads Control – Mr. Black (Acid Lizard remix) [Mind Tweakers Records]
  11. Ekoplex – Liquid Eyes [Sun Station Records]
  12. Mantra Flow & Resiliance – Chat Perché [Panzar Produktionz]
  13. Monkey Machine – The Holy Cure [Altar Psychedelic]
  14. Psycoholic & Alfida – Kuzlaring [Psy Spy Records]
  15. Psycho Abstract – Ketamine [Sun Station Records]
  16. The Grey Guy – Planet Rising [Cyan Music]
  17. Mesca – Weakness []
  18. Space Element – Crows Symphony []
  19. Paratech – Paratechnology [Ovnimoon Records]
  20. Paratech – The Key [Neurotrance Records]
  21. Keamia – Detecting Signals [Elephant Head Records]
  22. Sufi vs Digicult – Antilope [Dacru Records]
  23. Aya – Ping [Dacru Records]
  24. Hypnoxock – Future Xock (Cosmic remix) [Astronautic Records]
  25. RAZ – My Path [Side Wave Records]
  26. Hypnoxock – On a Way of Life (Live Edit 2004) [Astronautic Records]
  27. Neospherix Project – America [PsyRussia]
  28. Alien Bug – Total Eclipse []