First mix for 2012 — Homecoming

Reality of Life by Nova Fractal is featured onDimensional Gateway 2 a compilation of Goa tunes.

Wow, we're well into May and this is the first mix I've managed to do for the year. The reason for that is because we've been renovating our house and had to move out from January through April.

As my DJ set up is just my laptop and a midi controller which is smaller than the laptop, I could still have been doing mixes but the past few months have been pretty full on in many respects and I just didn't have the time or inclination.

That's also meant I haven't had as much time for collecting new music but there have still been the odd few that have been added to the collection. Most of the tunes on this mix have been sitting waiting patiently for me to get around to them although there's a couple like the Prot remix ofOuterglow which I've picked up more recently.

This is another full-on psy trance mix which follows a similar formula to a lot I've done: starting off which some rumbling progressivey tunes before picking up the pace while moving through different flavours and then ending with one of my favourite tunes of last year which is actually a Goa trance tune,Reality of Life by Nova Fractal, a top drawer psy and goa producer from Croatia. He's been popping up on various compilations for a while and I first heard this tune on a mix by DJ Celteric last year. If you likeReality of Life, definitely check out that mix too.

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. Stellar Magnitude – Outerglow (Prot Remix) []
  2. E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum [Iono Music]
  3. Ovnimoon, Middle Mode – Izolan [Ovnimoon Records]
  4. Zen Mechanics, Egorythmia – Dragonfruit [Iboga Trance]
  5. Mantra Flow – Pyschedelic Epiphany [Panzar Produktionz]
  6. Burn in Noise – Vuuv Festival Celebration [Iono Music]
  7. Magnus – The Chase [JOOF Recordings]
  8. Prokaion – Muses Rapture [Ektoplazm]
  9. Sonic Spice – Deep Space [Pyrethrum Records]
  10. Dreads Control – Mr. Black (Acid Lizard Remix) [Mind Tweakers Records]
  11. Paratech – Nature Link [Ovnimoon Records]
  12. Sunday Light – Made of Stars [Yo Soy Records]
  13. Terra – Fractal Journey (Via Axis remix) [Ovnimoon Records]
  14. Magnus – Autobahn [JOOF Recordings]
  15. Hypnoxock – The Seven Moons (Live Edit Remix 2005) [Astronautic Records]
  16. Ital – Waves of Nature [Sun Station Records]
  17. U-Recken – Whale Song [BOA Group LTD]
  18. Interconnekted – Celestia [BMSS Records]
  19. Fearsome Engine – Drugganaut [Nano Records]
  20. Aquila – Alice (Ephedrix remix) [Sun Station Records]
  21. Space Tribe, Mad Maxx – Peak Experience (Kailash mix) [Space Tribe Music]
  22. Nova Fractal – Reality of Life [Neogoa]