A little spring cleaning

It's been on my to-do list for a little while and today I updated the mixes page to replace MediaElement.js as the audio player with SoundManager 2. I found that MediaElement was slowing down the rendering of the page with a large amount of mixes on it, and SoundManager doesn't have that problem.

As I was updating the javascript that controlled the audio, I took the opportunity to update a few of the other bits and pieces too: I replaced Colorbox with Fancybox and have also decided to do away with displaying latest Tweets so didn't need the rotating script that was handling that either. I also removed ShareThis a little while ago in favour of a lighter-weight approach.

I've also reworked the main navigation so now it's permanently at the top of the page. So all in all, nothing too major, just a few little tweaks that will hopefully make the site perform a bit better.