All you ever wanted to know about…


Well, maybe not all, I've got to keep some things private (this is the Internet after all). But anyway, I'm a freelance web designer and ExpressionEngine developer based in The Gap, Brisbane, but originally from Western Australia (although born in Scotland where I spent my first three years).

I'm husband to Nicki, father to Max (4) and Eva (3), a seasoned traveller (Antarctica is the only continent I haven't visited), a dance music fan and bedroom DJ (mainly progressive and psy trance these days), not particularly committed runner, former gym goer (shoulder problems have stopped me for now), inconsistent West Coast Eagles supporter, lapsed Tottenham Hotspur supporter, and owner of two dogs, Sam (Labrador) and Ted (Border Collie).

This Site

The aim of this site is to serve two main roles: give me a place to write about whatever I feel like in a format that permits more than 140 characters, and experiment with the latest web design and development techniques and technologies.

I have written about and experimented with web design/development on my other site, but I haven't written anything there in a while (I go more into the reasons for that in this site's first post). As Tyssen Design is also my freelance business site, and the business is web development, I haven't ever felt quite right about writing about topics that stray outside that sphere. This site, being a purely personal site, won't have any such restrictions, so I'm hoping to write a wide variety of topics here, anything that takes my interest. Hopefully, having a much broader scope, I'll have more inspiration to draw from for writing.

Nuts & bolts

The site is built with ExpressionEngine, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and media queries. The site uses the Multi Site Manager because I'm also using it to run Tyssen Design. I'm using a few different add-ons, but of note are Tagger and Disqus which I'm using for the first time on this site.

I used the rather excellent Gridless as the starting point for the CSS, which provided a foundation for both working with media queries and good-looking typography. Fonts come from Typekit (Harfang Pro for headings), icons come from the Pictos set, and I got help with working out modular scale and vertical rhythm.