New mix — Silent Majority

The 5th Chakra by Vishuddha andObsessive Reality by Psypheric contribute a good portion of the tracks on this mix.

Silent Majority is a py progressive mix featuring some new and older tracks, some genuine psychedelic moments as well as some crunchy, gritty stompers. The old tracks come from well-known German progressive producer, Klopfgeister's first album in 2005, Sweet Compromise

The newer tracks come a few different places including Obsessive Reality by Psypheric and The 5th Chakra by Vishuddha, but the standouts are the two tracks by Chilean producer Ovnimoon,Believe in the Change andSacred Earth.

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. TLG – Furion []
  2. Invisible Reality – Alice Dream (Haldolium remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
  3. Elegy – B.I.L.L. [Panzar Produktionz]
  4. Klopfgeister – The Day After [Cosmophilia]
  5. Elegy – Voices [Panzar Produktionz]
  6. SattelLight – Tribal Prayer
  7. SattelLight – Biometric Data
  8. Gaudium – When the Sun Rises [Iboga Trance]
  9. Space Element – Tempus Fugit []
  10. Klopfgeister – Are You Free? [Cosmophilia]
  11. Ovnimoon – Believe in the Change [Ovnimoon Records]
  12. Ovnimoon – Sacred Earth [Iono Music]
  13. Vishudda – All You Need Is Love [Panzar Productions]
  14. Vishudda – Smoking Hot [Panzar Productions]
  15. Psypheric – No Return [Pureuphoria Records]
  16. Psypheric – What Else Comming [Gliese 581C]
  17. Seismic Activity – Last Foray []
  18. Psypheric – Waiting 4 The Night [Gliese 581C]
  19. Pusherstreet – Acid Test [Panzar Produktionz]
  20. Psypheric – From the Minds Of [Gliese 581C]
  21. Vishudda – Life's Good [Panzar Productions]

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The mystery of the non-playing video

Also known as be sure to keep your local, customised versions of web development frameworks, in this case, HTML5 Boilerplate, up to date if you don't want to lose many hours of fruitless searching, chin scratching and eventually hair pulling (which is pretty hard when it's not that long to start with).

This story starts when a client asked me to add some video to his site. Being one of the hip kids, and up with all the latest developments, I immediately thought of using the HTML5 video element in combination with the Video for Everybody technique which would provide fallbacks for those browsers that don't support the video element.

First I needed to covert the .mov file into formats that browsers would understand and I first came across EasyHTML5Video which creates the files required but also outputs code based onVideo for Everybody. With video and code in hand, I set up a test page on the site being developed in Concrete5 (which I've been trying out on a couple of smaller projects recently). All was good in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE9, but not in IE8 or 7 or on my iPod Touch or the client's iPhone.

I thought there must be something with the code I'd used or the way I'd implemented it so I began looking around at other options. VideoJS was a site I'd come across in my travels, and I liked the look of the skins they provided, so I thought I'd give their implementation a try. Same result. But their video played fine in IE so I wondered if there was something wrong with the way I was encoding the videos. I saw a mention of the Miro Video Converter and thought using that might make a difference, but no, that just stopped the videos playing in IE9 too. The poster image with play button would appear but when you clicked on it, it would just be replaced with a white spot.

After a while I determined that the Flowplayer Flash fallback wasn't working correctly for IE<9 and reverting to the one that came with the code output by EasyHTML5Video fixed that. But the IE9/iOS problem was still there.

And so began my quest for an answer that led me across various forums, Twitter and mailing lists. Some of the suggestions I got included:

  • Change the codecs the .mov file was exported with, that it should be AVC instead of AAC.
  • Change the bitrate the movie was encoded with.
  • Try different encoding software.
  • Make sure that I had added the mp4, webm and ogg mimetypes to my .htaccess.
  • Change the file's extension manually from .mov to .mp4.
  • Change the file's permissions.

It wasn't until I went back to basics that I finally found my answer, and I don't know why I didn't do it earlier, as it was the sort of action I'd often suggest to people who post questions on the web development forum I moderate. I created a ‘reduction’ test using the code from the VideoJS home page but served up with Concrete5.

Eventually I determined that the .mp4 hosted on VideoJS's servers would play fine, but a copy hosted on the test site wouldn't. Even though I'd already researched adding the different mimetypes to .htaccess, I went looking again and found an issue on HTML5 Boilerplate's Github page, which basically described all the problems I was having and laid the blame at H5B's .htaccess deflate configuration. This was fixed back in June but I'd be using an older copy of their .htaccess. If I'd kept my copy of H5B up to date, I could've saved myself serious time.

I love H5B and use modified versions of their CSS, HTML, javascript and .htaccess for all my projects, but I think this is a good example of a reason to keep these sort of things as up to date as possible.

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New mix - Here’s to the Crazy Ones

For those who know a bit about Steve Jobs, you will have recognised that the title of this mix references one of his more famous quotes. So yes, it is kind of a tribute, but I didn't think to myself when I heard the news: “How could I honour the memory of Steve Jobs? I know! A psy trance mix!” I had planned to do the mix on the day he died anyway, and as I'm often in the habit of naming mixes after things that are going on at the time, and because the mix was done on a MacBook Pro, it seemed like an appropriate title.

I'm not going to say anything more about him or Apple as there's been plenty written in the past week already. I've been a Mac user since 1990 and for a while was quite the fanboi (before the term was even widely used), but although I'm back using a Mac again now, I was also a PC user for a number of years which has tempered my zealotry.

Signal Strength by psy trance producer and all-round nice guy, Magnus.

This mix features mainly free track from Ektoplazm, which is where I seem to be getting most of my new music from these days, but there's also a handful from Nick Sentience'sSynchronized album which was also represented well in my last mix, and one track I wanted to make special mention of,Hypnotic by Magnus. I've got about half a dozen tunes by Magnus and they're all top notch, but not only is he a good producer, but seems like an all-round nice guy too because a couple of days after I'd done the mix, I got an email from him thanking me for supporting his music, and saying some nice things about my site and mixes, and how we shared similar taste in music. He also asked if I'd mind him posting about my site on his Facebook page, and I said “Sure, why not?” and so he did. I also only realised when looking for an image for this post, thatHypnotic comes from the album Signal Strength which was released earlier this year, so will be checking that out tomorrow.

And in a very strange coincidence, a couple of hours later, I was contacted by another psy trance producer, BlackStarrFinale, who also thanked me for supporting his music which I featured on my mix Inner Peace. I've never been contacted by any dance music producers before and then had two, totally unrelated, within a couple of hours of each other. So thanks guys for taking the time out to say hello to someone on the other side of the world. :)

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. Static Flow – Music Technology [Nano Records]
  2. Magnus – Hypnotic [JOOF Recordings]
  3. Monkey Machine – Anaconda Allies [Altar Psychedelic]
  4. Psychotrop – Aural Pleasures []
  5. Nick Sentience – Shoreline
  6. Melodica – Alfaville (Psycoholic Remix) [Psy Spy Records]
  7. Nick Sentience – Get Up & Rock
  8. Psycoholic – Sistema Nervoso (Dub Mix) [Psy Spy Records]
  9. Nick Sentience – Threshold
  10. Stellar Magnitude – Timeshift []
  11. RAZ – There are No Weirdos Here [Side Wave Records]
  12. Paratech – Alchemy [Neurotrance Records]
  13. Tigran – Timestretching Machine [Neurotrance Records]
  14. Quality Sound – Not For Free [Cosmogenesis Recordings]
  15. 210 Mhz – OutOfHere [Pureuphoria Records]
  16. Chronos – 754-B [Dacru Records]
  17. Namarrkon – Dark Shogun [Pureuphoria Records]
  18. Hypnoxock – Traffic (Xock Acid remix) [Astronautic Records]
  19. RAZ – Static Noises [Side Wave Records]
  20. The 1134 – Primordial Booze

Update : I've just realised the link to this mix has been broken all this time. It's fixed up now.

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Responsive images round-up

After I wrote Responsive images with ExpressionEngine, I realised that this area of web development is likely to see a lot of experimentation and innovation with new techniques being released on a regular basis. Since writing the article, at least another two methods have come to light that I'm aware of, so I thought it'd be good to collate them all in one place.

If anyone knows of any I've missed, I'd love to know so I can add them to the list.

Update 12 May 2012: Chris Coyier has published a comprehensive round-up of current methods, complete with spreadsheet and breakdown of which solutions would fit different situations better.

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New mix — Synchronized Lives

A lot of the tunes from this mix are from John 00 Fleming and Nick Sentience's new albums,Synchronized andNine Lives.

I don't collect much trance these days so this one's a mix of brand new tunes, some that are a few years old and some from the 90s, as well as a blend of sounds – there's some break beats, acid lines, psy, vocals, and techy bits.

A lot of the tunes (and the mix's title) come from new albums by two of my favourite producers and DJs, John 00 Fleming (Nine Lives) and Nick Sentience (Synchronized). I know some people don't like putting too many tracks from the one artist on a mix (or listening to one either) but I think the tracks are fairly diverse in their sound, and I don't really collect enough trance these days to be able to vary it up that much.

Tracklist is below and you can download it from the Mixes page.


  1. John 00 Fleming –Finding Ganesha [JOOF Recordings]
  2. Gaudium –High on Life [Iboga Trance]
  3. Terra Ferma Feat. I-Ching –Obelix (Terra Ferma remix) [Platipus Records]
  4. Lost Tribe –Gamemaster [Hooj Choons]
  5. John 00 Fleming –Fight the Darkness feat. Sascha Cooper [JOOF Recordings]
  6. Deniro –Mind of Man (Nicholas Bennison remix) [Hook Recordings]
  7. Gaudium –Searching [Iboga Trance]
  8. John 00 Fleming –Baphomets Horn [JOOF Recordings]
  9. Nick Sentience –Sakura
  10. Paul Trainer –Seize the Day [Captivating Sounds]
  11. John 00 Fleming –1440 Minutes [JOOF Recordings]
  12. Nick Sentience –Nine Moons
  13. Craig Gallon –1186 (Ben Gold remix) [Prehab Recordings]
  14. VCO –Tears of an Angel [Waxworxx]
  15. Quietman –Sleeper (Man With No Name remix) [Platipus Records]
  16. Terrafusion –Numen-Martis [JOOF Recordings]
  17. John 00 Fleming –Frisson JOOF Recordings]
  18. Freq –Trip [Private Grooves]
  19. Nick Sentience –Free Falling
  20. Vibrasphere –Autumn Lights (Jay Selway & Magnus remix) [JOOF Recordings]

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